Forthcoming Issues

50, 1 (2019)

Winter 2019

  • Bruce Holsinger, “New Literary History at 50: A View from the Editor”
  • Ralph Cohen (1917-2016), “On the Presuppositions of Literary Periods”
  • John L. Rowlett, “Ralph Cohen on Literary Periods: Afterword as Foreword”
  • Liesl Yamaguchi, “Sensuous Linguistics: On Saussure’s Synesthesia”
    Winner of the Ralph Cohen Prize for 2018
  • Joshua Landy, “In Praise of Depth: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Hidden”
  • Erica Weaver, “Premodern and Postcritical: Medieval Enigmata and the Hermeneutic Style”
  • Ingrid Nelson, “Poetics of the Rule: Form, Biopolitics, Lyric”
  • Michael North, “The Afterlife of Modernism”