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51, 1 (2020)

Winter 2020

  • Heather Houser, “Shimmering Description and Descriptive Criticism”
  • Linda M. Austin, “Psychometric Wunderkammern: Word-Association Testing and the Aesthetics of Creative Genius”
  • Morgan Day Frank, “Don’t Read.” 
  • Michael Krimper, “Beckett Ongoing and the Novel”
  • Elaine Auyoung, “What We Mean By Reading”
  • Heather Steffen, “Imagining Academic Labor in the US University”
  • Joshua Landy, “In Praise of Depth: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hidden”
  • Michael Dango, “Filtering: A Theory and History of a Style”
  • Michelle Karnes, “The Possibilities of Medieval Fiction”

Medieval Fictionalities: An NLH Forum | D0wnload Articles

  • Sarah M. Allen and Jack W. Chen, “Fictionality in Early and Medieval China”
  • Carol Symes, “Medieval Fictions vs. the Fetish of Modernity”
  • Carissa M. Harris, “Pastourelle Fictionalities”
  • Sara S. Poor, “The Fuss about Fiction: A View from Medieval German Studies”
  • Katharine Eisaman Maus, “Fake News”
  • Brandon W. Hawk, “Apocrypha and Fictionality”
  • Monika Fludernik, “Medieval Fictionality from a Narratological Perspective”
  • Michelle Karnes, “Synchronous Fictions”
  • Julie Orlemanski, “What We Ask of Fiction”