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48, 2 (2017)

Spring 2017

Aesthetics Now

  • Charles Shepherdson, “Aesthetic “Sense” in Kant and Nancy” | Download Article
  • Sam Rose, “The Fear of Aesthetics in Art and Literary Theory”
  • Robert S. Lehman, “Formalism, Mere Form, and Judgment”


  • John Michael, “Lyric History: Temporality, Rhetoric, and the Ethics of Poetry”
  • Brian Boyd, “Does Austen Need Narrators? Does Anyone?”
  • Ruth Bernard Yeazell, “Henry James’s Portrait-Envy”
  • Sarah L. Townsend, “The Drama of Peripheralized Bildung: An Irish Genre Study”
  • Sean Gaston, “Derrida and the Problem of History 1964-1965”
  • Zachary Samalin, “Plumbing the Depths, Scouring the Surface: Henry Mayhew’s Scavenger Hermeneutics”

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